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Chrome adds much-needed Memory and Energy Saving modes

The Chrome update is coming to Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS over the next few weeks.

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UPDATE 2/20/2023: Google just pushed its Memory and Energy Saving Modes live to the Chrome browser. The modes offer more efficient browsing and an Energy Saver mode that conserves battery when you’re laptop is getting low.

Google Chrome is adding a Memory Saver mode for more efficient browsing and an Energy Saver mode to conserve battery when you’re laptop is getting low.

Earlier this week, the company revealed its new update in a blog post on its website. It has already started rolling out the feature.

Everyone on Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS will have the feature in the next few weeks.

If you spend a lot of time in Chrome, you might notice that it can get sluggish if you have many open tabs.

That’s because the browser uses quite a bit of memory, which can cause problems on PCs with lower specs.

Chrome memory saver prompt
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Chrome’s new Memory Saver mode aims to address that issue.

By putting inactive tabs to sleep, Google says memory saver mode reduces Chrome’s memory usage by up to 40%. That should lead to faster browsing.

Energy Saver mode is designed specifically with laptops in mind.

Chrome energy saver mode
Image: KnowTechie

The browser automatically limits background activity and visual effects when Chrome has less than 20% battery life. This will help save battery until you can charge again.

As someone who routinely has about 30 Chrome tabs open at once, I’m excited to see what Memory Saver mode is all about.

I have a high-spec PC with 32GB of RAM, and I still notice some sluggishness if I get too carried away with Chrome tabs.

If you don’t see these features on your own Chrome browser yet, don’t worry. Google’s still rolling them out, and we should all have them in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, check out our Chrome guide: How to update Google Chrome on any device

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