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Fallout 76 is getting a new raid and new battle royale map

The raid seems interesting, but will it bring any players back to West Virginia?

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If you’re still playing Fallout 76, good news, there is some new content heading your way in the form of a raid and new map for its battle royale mode, Nuclear Winter.

News about both the raid and new map were announced at Bethesda’s QuakeCon 2019.

More about Fallout 76’s new raid and battle royale map

There’s not a ton of news here to be fair, but considering the game has had such a poor release and general opinion, anything that adds content to the title is worth discussing.

The first raid, a Vault raid into Vault 94 is for up to four players and there will be different difficulty settings available. The raid will be available at the end of August. The higher the difficulty, the better the loot. It will be a puzzle-heavy raid and the developers have even said that it is possible to be soloed – a nice feature for those of us that struggle to get friends together for raid events.

One reward includes new Power Armor pieces that switch it up from previous designs with the addition of plants and ferns coming from the pieces. It’s like a ghillie suit for Optimus Prime.

In addition to a new raid, players will also be able to battle it out in a new Nuclear Winter map based on the game’s Morgantown location. This new map should release in September of this year.

Maybe it’s time to check out the wonderful world of West Virginia again…

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