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If you own a Tesla Model 3, try not to drive over puddles of water

No, this isn’t a new feature.

tesla model 3 rear bumper
Image: Electrek

If you’re the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 and you value the car’s rear bumper, do yourself a favor and try not to drive over large puddles of water. Apparently, bumpers are falling off when drivers drive through heavy rain or puddles. It’s gotten so bad that even Telsa admitted there’s an issue.

In 2018, Electrek reported the issue and reached out to the company to see what the hell was going on. The company said they would look into the issue and would report back with a statement. Unfortunately, the company never responded and business went on as usual. However, the problem never went away.

And then this happened. A Model 3 customer shared footage of their bumper flying off when driving through a small puddle of water. As expected, the video went viral, highlighting the issue again. At this point, Tesla had no option but to respond as to why this is happening.

Electrek was able to get their hands on a service bulletin published by Tesla, which highlights the issue:

In rare instances, certain components on Model 3 vehicles built at the Fremont Factory before May 21, 2019, might be damaged when driving through standing water on a road or highway with poor drainage or pooling water. In these rare instances, the rear fascia might detach from the vehicle and harnesses and/or body fasteners/mounts might also be damaged. This document clarifies that damage caused during these instances is covered under warranty.

So there’s a couple of things to this. The bad thing is that Telsa knew this was an issue, and it took them two years to finally acknowledge it. The good thing is that Tesla will repair the bumper under warranty, meaning nothing comes out of pocket for owners of the Model 3.

But still, how do you go two years without saying anything. I’m sure if prospective buyers knew of this issue, this would be something that would hold them back from pulling the trigger on a Model 3 purchase. Either way, it’s good to see Tesla stepping up to the plate and fixing these proactive issues.

Do you own a Model 3? Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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