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Logitech’s new mechanical keyboards go back to the basics

These are some gaming keyboards you wouldn’t be ashamed of at work.

Logitech g413 se keyboard
Image: KnowTechie

Logitech just added two new gaming mechanical keyboards to its range.

They’re a return to basics, cutting out all of the RGB and other unnecessary accessories that gaming keyboards usually get slathered in. The best part? The pricing starts at $70, so they look like decent entry keyboards.

First up is the $80 Logitech G G413 SE, which has a traditional 104-key layout. That’s joined by the $70 G413 TKL SE, which drops the numpad to give you more desk space.

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Logitech kept the aesthetics the same on both keyboards, with a top plate of aluminum-magnesium alloy with a black brushed finish.

Black PBT keycaps are on tactile mechanical switches, although Logitech hasn’t specified which company is making them.

They actuate at 1.9mm, need 50g of force, and bottom out at 4mm of travel. That’s a little more force than is needed by the Romer-G switches Logitech usually uses, which could make a difference in gaming performance.

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Logitech g413 se tkl mechanical keyboard
The $70 G413 TKL SE keyboard from Logitech (Image: KnowTechie)

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The biggest thing to note for these Logitech gaming mechanical keyboards – they don’t have any RGB backlighting.

Instead, they have classic white backlighting, which might be better for those gamers who don’t want their desk covered in unicorn vomit.

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Logitech trimmed other gaming features from the keyboards to get to their low price, as well. You don’t get any programmable keys, like on every other Logitech gaming keyboard.

You also don’t get onboard memory, but you don’t need that since you can’t change anything. At these prices, who cares? Get one to replace your membrane keyboard, your fingers will thank you.

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