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This smartphone has no holes, buttons, ports, or wires

This might be the future of handsets.

Meizu zero smartphone
Image: Meizu

If you’re one of those people who routinely comment on mobile phone reviews to decry the disappearing audio jack, look away now. Meizu has announced a smartphone with no ports whatsoever. The Meizu Zero is the world’s first “true non-porous wireless smartphone,” according to the marketing materials. That means there’s no ports, no holes, and no wires with the phone.

Okay, that last point is only partly true – there is a wire with the wireless charging pad that it comes with, otherwise you’d not be able to plug it into the wall. There’s no USB-C port, no headphone jack, no fingerprint scanner on the back (it’s under the screen) and even no holes for the speakers. It gets its sound through Meizu’s “mSound 2.0” tech, which vibrates the screen itself to produce sound.

The only concessions to a pristine surface? Two tiny pinpricks, one for the microphone and one just in case you have to hard-reset the device. All of that unblemished surface gives the phone an IP68 rating, so it’ll survive submerging in 2m of water for about half an hour, plus it’ll weather dust like a champ.

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More about the phone

The display is a 5.99-inch OLED with an in-screen fingerprint scanner and the necessary-for-the-Chinese-market selfie cam. Wireless charging is rated at 18W, which is much higher than the systems in Samsung or Apple’s flagships, taking the pain out of not being able to plug it in for recharging.

You’ll only be able to use it with a carrier that supports eSIM, as there’s no SIM tray in the device, or a slot for a microSD card. Ditto for buttons – there aren’t any. Instead, the phone has virtual buttons with haptic feedback on the sides that let you control volume and turn the device on/off.

We know it’s powered by the speedy SnapDragon 845 SoC and has Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless USB connectivity that Meizu says can transfer data at USB3.0 speeds.

Expect more details to come at Mobile World Congress next month.

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