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One German airline has banned AirTags on checked bags (updated)

It seems to be the only airline worldwide to do so.

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UPDATE 10/14/2022 8:25 AM ET: Lufthansa has reversed its stance on AirTags and similar trackers. The airline will no longer require people to turn them off in their checked bags. The original story continues below.

Many people use AirTags to track their luggage when they fly, but one German airline has banned people from using them on its flights.

Lufthansa, the airline in question, says international standards restrict the use of AirTags and similar tracking devices.

Interestingly enough, Lufthansa is the only airline that has proceeded to ban AirTags on checked bags.

People began to take notice of Lufthansa’s unique rule after news of its new rule began popping up in German media.

More recently, The New York Times picked up the story, challenging the airline’s decision.

“The Lufthansa Group has conducted its own risk assessment with the result that tracking devices with very low battery and transmission power in checked luggage do not pose a safety risk,” a Lufthansa spokesperson told The New York Times.

“We have never issued a ban on devices like that. It is on the authorities to adapt regulations that right now limit the use of these devices for airline passengers in checked luggage.”

The airline has yet to share a specific rule or regulation for banning the trackers. Instead, it vaguely cites the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for the rule.

However, Apple disagrees with Lufthansa. A statement from Apple shared by The New York Times says its AirTags are “compliant with international airline travel safety regulations for carry-on and checked baggage.

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This looks like an instance of unclear regulations and guidelines. Those guidelines likely need to be cleaned up to better represent AirTags and similar tracking devices.

But for now, no AirTags or tracking devices on checked bags with Lufthansa airline. It will be interesting to see how the airline moves forward after shaking up the system like this.

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