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Are Apple’s AirTags draining the battery life of nearby devices?

People are noticing that some of the devices are draining quicker – are AirTags to blame?

Apple airtags in case
Image: Apple

Apple’s AirTags allow people to use Apple’s Find My network to help keep up with precious items. However, in addition to the unintended stalking consequences, users have noticed an issue with AirTags draining the battery in nearby devices.

Twitter user Philipp Defner shared their story on the Annoying Technology website. Philipp noticed that their iPad Pro’s battery had been draining more quickly than normal over the last few months.

Upon further investigation, Philipp noticed that the Find My background activity on their iPad Pro was much higher than normal. This indicated that an AirTag was the cause of the problem. And they aren’t the only one who has noticed similar issues.

So do Apple’s AirTags drain your battery faster?

Short answer: Yes, it looks like it.

Apple airtags bettery drain
Image: Philipp Defner / Annoying Technology

As Philipp notes in their post, there seem to be several other reports of users with similar issues. People have taken to Reddit to complain about battery drain when connected to an AirTag.

Additionally, there are posts on both the MacRumors forums and the official Apple forums complaining about the issue.

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iPhone Tricks says the only way to guarantee that you eliminate this draining issue is to disconnect from the AirTag altogether.

It looks like the constant pinging from the AirTags to connected devices on the Find My network is draining the battery relatively quickly.

The publication also suggests it’s also important to make sure the AirTags stay up-to-date with the latest firmware updates. But it doesn’t look like there has been an update to address the battery drain on devices quite yet.

Maybe Apple will address this issue in an update sometime in the future. But, for now, you’ll have to remove Apple’s AirTags from your Find My list if you want to avoid battery drain.

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