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Does the Apple AirTag make noise?

Apple’s tracking device makes sound on a few different occasions.

airtag device with sound indicator
Image: KnowTechie

Quick Answer: Yes, the AirTag makes noise when looking for a device through the Find My app. It also makes noise when it’s first set up, and when the battery has been successfully changed.

If it is set up properly, the Apple AirTag makes noise whenever it is separated from its owner’s iPhone or iPad, alerting anyone nearby of its presence.

The company installed a diaphragm tucked away neatly under a plastic cover to make it chime in certain situations. 

The capability was designed to help the owners find any misplaced item by simply turning on the Find My app and making the AirTag noise so they can easily locate attached valuables. 

The sound isn’t loud (around 60 dB), but it is audible enough to alert the owner of its whereabouts. 

Why does an AirTag make noise? 

​​Your AirTags make different sounds in different situations. For instance, when you first set it up or when you’re looking for your item with the ‘Find My’ app.

Additionally, the AirTag emits a series of beeps when the battery is low, indicating that you need to replace the battery.

However, shortly after the AirTags launched, concerns regarding its misuse began to malign its reputation. It quickly became clear that stalkers could use the tracking gadget to follow their target’s movement. 

an apple airtag on a keychain
Image: Unsplash

This dangerous development led Apple to develop an alert system for people to detect if a foreign AirTag had been planted upon them. 

The AirTag, if it moves to a location distant from its owner, initiates a beeping sound to draw the people’s attention nearby. 

Using any NFC device, finders can read the embedded tag on the AirTag, contact the owner, and safely return the misplaced items. And if it’s been planted with ill intent, you can throw it away.

Customizing an AirTag’s sound

As of yet, Apple has not incorporated the option to customize the AirTag’s sound. There is no room for variation in the sounds the AirTag makes.

However, it does make more than one sound. To allow users to distinguish between sounds easily, Apple support has come up with a handy guide.

The option to play a sound on command still remains. The process is fairly simple and is as follows:

Open Find My App on your devicefind my app on iphone
Navigate to Itemsfind my app items menu
Choose your AirTag. This will make the AirTag play a soundairtags sound menu

Additionally, users can instruct Siri to play a sound on their AirTag. To do that, simply ask Siri to “find your item” or “play a sound on your item.”

Turning off an AirTag’s sound

Showing instructions to turn off Airtag sound
Image: KnowTechie

While the alert system serves the purpose of ensuring that the AirTag does not become an accomplice to criminal activity, there are instances where it can be a nuisance. 

This is particularly true for the intentional sharing of possessions, which can make the AirTag beep incessantly.

For instance, your spouse might borrow your AirTag-tagged item, and the AirTag will constantly beep until you return it.

Luckily, you can follow the steps below to turn off the AirTag sound:

  1. Head over to the Find My Application
find my app on iphone
Image: KnowTechie
  1. Select the Me panel in the bottom-right corner
apple airtag sound how to
Image: KnowTechie
  1. Next to Item Safety Alerts, there will be a toggle switch
apple find my app
Image: KnowTechie

Disable the Item Safety Alerts. This will ensure that the noise alert system does not get triggered even when your AirTag is at a distance from you

Wrapping up

Though many would prefer the AirTags to be noiseless, the beeping sound is an important part of the user experience.

It makes it easier and more convenient for the user to locate their items and ensure they are never lost. 

There are cases when this sound can be annoying. So it is good to know that you can disable it when necessary.

However, you should use this feature cautiously and only when there is no room to exploit the AirTag’s tracking feature.

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