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VANKYO Leisure 495W: The first Dolby Audio FHD 1080P projector

This projector provides great picture, decent sound, and great ease of use, so it’s a great choice for almost everyone.

vankyo 495l projector
Image: Vankyo

Sometimes, it can be difficult to balance out quality and affordability in projectors. That will not be an issue with Vankyo’s Leisure 495W, as it offers so much at a price that is more than reasonable.

The Leisure 495W is 1080p and shows rich, vivid colors and clear details. It connects effortlessly via Bluetooth, but you can also use an HDMI cable or cast content straight from your phone.

All this comes at a very reasonable price, making it a great budget choice. 

Pros of the Vankyo Leisure 495W

  • Very affordable
  • Multiple ways to connect
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to use
  • Great picture
  • Decent sound

Cons of the Vankyo Leisure 495W

  • There is no software download on the website.
  • The lens can be easily smudged.

Who Should Buy an L495W 

vankyo 495 projector
Image: KnowTechie

While this is not an elite-level projector, it does a great job for most intents and purposes.

It is an especially good choice for people who have just started building a home theater or a media room or for people who like to watch films and TV series casually.

On the other hand, it may not be the best choice for those looking to create a big or professional-tier home theater. 

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You can probably find cheaper projectors, but they tend not to offer this much versatility and quality concerning the price.

You can also find higher-quality projectors, but they tend to cost much more, and it is questionable whether they are worth it.

All in all, this is a great mid-tier product for someone who needs a convenient, reliable, and affordable projector. 

Why the L495W Is Worth Your Money

vankyo projector
Image: KnowTechie

Very few projectors, if any, will offer you a picture this good at this price. Moreover, the L495W is not made only to provide you with an amazing picture.

It supports Dolby Sound, which allows you to experience immersive audio, and its built-in speakers do a very good job.

The sound other brands produce is not perfect, but Vankyo has got you covered. You can easily connect to other speakers via Bluetooth and improve the sound if you wish. 

Apart from Bluetooth, it allows connection via an HDMI cable and WiFi, which allows you to cast content directly from your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

It even supports the Firestick, making it a truly versatile projector that will allow you to do pretty much anything you wish, and it will allow you to do so with great ease. 

The Downsides of the L495W

Even though this is a highly recommendable product, it nevertheless has some flaws that you should be aware of. 

Some users have also complained about a lack of software download on Vankyo’s website. However, this should not be an issue, as the projector should run smoothly without any additional software installed. 

Others have complained about the lens being smudged, but this problem can be easily solved with a cloth and careful wiping. You should watch how you handle your projector, so it doesn’t come to this problem. 

vankyo projector 495
Image: KnowTechie

Final Thoughts

Overall, this amazingly high-quality product offers a great bang for your buck.

It is not the highest-tier wireless projector, but it is nevertheless an amazing one, and it will fulfill all the needs of a casual user.

It provides a great picture, decent sound, and great ease of use, so it’s a great choice for almost everyone. See more details on the VANKYO website or Walmart.

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