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How you can enjoy summer fun with projectors

If you’re looking for an extra source of entertainment in the summer, smart projectors can help. Here’s how you can enjoy summer fun with XGIMI projectors.

xgimi rv smart projector outdoors on RV
Image: XGIMI

Do you already have a projector at home that’s just been gathering dust? Perhaps you’ve been considering buying a projector but wondering how often you’ll really use it?

Today’s smart projectors are smaller, more portable, more connected, and offer higher resolution than ever before. This makes them a fantastic tool for summer fun—inside your home, in your yard, and even in the great outdoors.

In fact, summer entertainment possibilities offered by a projector are only really limited by your imagination!

If you’re struggling to come up with creative ways to use your projector, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with this handy list of activities.

Hold a Mini Film Festival Outdoors

xgimi smart projectors outdoor viewing
Image: XGIMI

Outdoor film festival. Backyard movie theater. Garden cinema.

These trendy events go by many names today, but the theme holding them all together is the act of watching movies outside rather than in a building.

To start, ensure you’ve reviewed a selection of top projectors for movie nights. Having the right projector is crucial to creating a pleasurable viewing experience.

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A plug-and-play projector like the HORIZON Pro has crisp 4K detail, advanced screen adaptation technology, and Android TV smart talents—among other standout features perfect for outdoor viewing.

You can project onto a wall, but having a professional projector screen will give you a better-quality picture. Consider, too, hooking up some quality speakers for a louder, more impactful cinematic sound experience.

Finally, set your lawn with comfy deck chairs, beanbags, and a snack bar. Provide light blankets if you’re in an area where the summer temperatures drop a little at night.

Zoom With Far-Away Family and Friends

With the kids home on summer vacation, it’s the perfect time to gather everyone together and Zoom with those friends and family members that live far away.

The beauty of a projector is the large screen—as opposed to the tiny screen of your laptop or tablet. You’ll feel like your guests are right there in the room with you.

xgimi smart projector outdoor pool sports
Image: XGIMI

Watch Summer Sports With Friends

There’s no substitute for being at live soccer, PGA, or tennis matches. But blasting these summer sports games onto your wall or screen is probably the next best thing!

Plus, you get to invite as many friends as you want and enjoy your favorite foods and beverages—all in the comfort of your own home.

Are you more of an e-sports fan? Since projectors blow up your screen to immense proportions, they offer an easy way to immerse yourself—and your friends—in your high-octane games.

When it comes to projectors for parties, whether you’re watching sports or playing video games, you can’t go past the Elfin. This compact projector features stunning FHD picture quality, sound by Harman Kardon, 800 ANSI lumens, and even a game mode boost.

Take a Class Online As a Family

Summer vacation is one of the best times to learn new skills. And with a projector, you can do it as a family.

Why not gather in the kitchen and project an online cooking class onto a blank wall? You’ll get to have fun while you learn a new skill. We all love to eat yummy food—and a meal is extra special when we’ve made it ourselves!

Hold a Beach-Themed Pool Party

xgimi outdoor smart projector
Image: XGIMI

If you don’t live close to the beach and aren’t planning an ocean vacation this summer, why not bring the sea to your backyard?

Set up a screen next to your swimming pool (or invest in a decent-sized paddling pool) and project beach-themed videos onto it.

Ideas include:

  • Fish and other underwater creatures swimming through coral reefs
  • Palm-tree-laden beach scenes from exotic tropical locales
  • Scenes from crowded, umbrella-filled beaches on the Amalfi Coast
  • Ocean waves washing up on at the edge of a sunny sandy bay
  • Dolphins playing in front of a yacht as it slices through the azure ocean

The best place to find these videos is on YouTube. (If you don’t want ads to interrupt your fun, consider getting a YouTube Premium.) And don’t forget to play some beachy music or wave sounds!

A high-quality projector like the HALO+ is perfect for reproducing convincing underwater scenes.

It has a long-lasting built-in battery, 1080p FHD, 900 ANSI lumens, autofocus, and intelligent obstacle avoidance (handy when you have kids running around)—among other standout features.

Take Your Projector Camping or RVing

xgimi outdoor camping rv smart projector
Image: XGIMI

Do you love to spend your summers in the great outdoors? One of the best parts about camping or RVing in the summer is that you can spend time in nature—hiking through lush green forests, surfing the wild waves, or boating on the lake.

However, there’s little to do back at camp when the sun goes down. If you’re tired of reading or watching the fire, why not set up a projector and spend your evening watching movies outside? Or, with so many trivia, quizzes, or other games now digital, host a trivia or games night with neighboring campers.

The highly portable MoGo Pro+ is perfect for taking on trips into the wilderness. Some standout smart projector features include a full 1080p HD image, built-in Harman Kardon speakers, OK Google voice control, smartphone casting, and a long-lasting built-in battery.

xgimi projector
Image: XGIMI

Create Outdoor Art

Are you looking for ways to keep your kids engaged all day outdoors over the summer vacation? We’ve all heard of chalk driveway art, but did you know you can use your projector to create art, too!

All you need to do is find an outline drawing online and project that onto a fence or wall of your home. Your kids can trace the lines and color in the spaces using chalk or washable paints.

Creative adults can also use this technique to create feature walls and murals on the walls inside your home.

Make Summer Special With XGIMI Smart Projectors

As you can see, there are endless ways to use smart projectors indoors or outside this summer. They’re ideal for large gatherings and allow you to create an immersive world for kids and adults alike.

These portable screens are more than just machines: they’re a tool for learning, relaxation, and, most importantly, fun.

Are you keen to upgrade your summer viewing experience? Shop online today for a cutting-edge XGIMI projector.

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