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Apple is finally making it easier to report scam apps on the App Store

The update puts a Report a Problem button directly on the app’s page.

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When you are on Apple’s App Store, you typically feel some level of trust when downloading apps. After all, Apple’s ecosystem is close-knit and the process to get on the App Store requires multiple checks. Well, even with that, it hasn’t stopped scammers from running rampant on the platform.

Now, Apple is finally making it easier for users to report scammy apps in iOS 15. Previously, as reported by The Verge, it required multiple steps and leaving the App Store to make reports and, even then, reporting suspicious activity just pointed you to Apple support.

You also couldn’t report a “quality issue,” until you had already been scammed out of some cash. And the Report a Problem option wasn’t even on individual apps, but at the bottom of the main tabs like “Games” and “Apps.”

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The update puts a Report a Problem button directly on the app’s page and includes a scam and fraud option, regardless if you’ve spent money with the app or not. It still apparently takes you out of the App Store and to a web page that requires you to log in, but it’s better than the previous system.

Apple has definitely put some focus on the App Store in recent months, including the ability to rate Apple’s own apps and slowly opening up the ability to allow developers to accept payments outside of the App Store.

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