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Can you mute words on Facebook?

The ability to mute specific words could help clean up your news feed a lot.

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Facebook can be a decent platform where you can keep up with old friends and see tons of different content from all over the world.

It can also be a cesspool of misinformation and downright awful content that makes you want to scratch your eyes out.

The platform offers several ways to moderate what you see, like snoozing certain pages and profiles, or even blocking users outright so you never see what they have to say.

But what about blocking certain words? Twitter added a feature way back in 2017 that let users mute certain words from their feeds so they don’t see posts with those words at all. Is that something you can do on Facebook?

Can you mute certain words on Facebook?

Short answer: Yes, but only in comments on your own posts.

Facebook does have a moderation tool that you can use to mute certain words, but only on your own page. You can choose to mute words that would appear in comments on your posts, but it won’t stop posts that include those words from appearing in your news feed.

How to mute words on facebook
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Facebook did test out a way to mute certain keywords in posts back in 2018, but the test ended shortly after and the feature is no longer available. If you want to block words that would appear in comments on your profile and in your comments section, you can follow these step-by-step instructions.

If you wanted to block certain words from appearing in your news feed at all, you’ll have to head over to Twitter or hope that Facebook adds the feature soon.

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