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Check out these 11 awesome crowdfunding campaigns in June

We’ve got pizza ovens, measuring devices, and a smart tripod head this month.

Scorpio pizza oven crowdfunding campaign on a picnic table
Image: Scorpio

Crowdfunding is a cool way for innovative products to see the light of day, without the restrictions placed on in-house development at large companies. It’s also a wonderful place to check out video games from small studios, movies, and campaigns for social good.

With all those campaigns competing for your attention, finding ones based on your interests can be tricky. Let KnowTechie do all the arduous work for you, with our picks of the crop for June.

Check out these 11 awesome crowdfunding campaigns this month

So… with how many crowdfunding campaigns there are out there, how do you choose what to back?

Well, I use a combination of checking out their campaign page, looking to see if any of the comments on their prior campaigns show dissatisfied backers, and companies I’ve already had successful pledge fulfillment from.

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I also tend to stick to gadget areas I know a bit about, like photography, cooking, maker tools, and writing implements.

That way, I can judge whether or not the campaign’s aspirations are within reach, which adds to my decisions.

I’m also picking campaigns with some time left to run, as it’s no fun finding out about cool campaigns after they’ve finished.

So, with all of that out of the way, here are some of the crowdfunding campaigns I’ve found worthy of attention in June:

Meazor 3D

We loved the previous Meazor device, and this one turns it up to 11. Instantly create 3D floor plans for your use, with this ingenious laser scanner.

You can scan walls, curved objects, check for levelness, and even measure curves with the rolling measure. It’ll replace all your other measuring devices, and it’s pocketable. With six hours of operational battery life, that’s a lot of floorplan creation.


One of the biggest drawbacks to MacBooks is the lack of ports. Sure, Thunderbolt 4 is great, but you still need to lug a dock around to use most of your peripherals. Case X means your dock is always with you, with a nifty design that clips onto the back of your MacBook’s screen.

You get HDMI out, 2 USB-A, SD and microSD readers, USB-C 100W charging, cable storage, and up to 4TB of SSD storage if you opt for the Pro model.

Tend Deep tendon pain massager

You’ve seen all the deep tissue percussion guns, but this is different. This crowdfunding campaign from Tend Deep uses direct vibration to target specific tendons, or any other area with swelling, stiffness, or circulatory issues.

It’s tiny but effective, and rechargeable so you can take it anywhere. It’s also waterproof and uses body-safe silicone. Get the targeted recovery your tendons deserve.

Quill: World’s 1st Patented Color Picking Stylus with Alexa

There are tons of scanning tools to bring real-world colors into the digital realm, but this one is different. It’s the first stylus with that functionality, which makes it quicker to keep creating. An on-device LED shows the color you’ve picked, which is pretty cool.

It also means you don’t have to carry more devices around, as you can use the same stylus that you’re sketching with to grab the color you want. Quill also comes with Qube, which is part wireless charger, part clock, part Alexa smart speaker.

Petvation smart pet door

Using AI-powered cameras and sensors, this super-smart pet door opens up when it detects your pets. It’s basically a video doorbell that you don’t have to answer.

Ditch those dangerous magnetic collars, and enable your pets to come and go as they please – without worrying if wildlife will also find your home as inviting.

Scorpio home pizza oven

There’s a proliferation of home pizza ovens right now, which is only going to be good for your stomach. The Scorpio has one thing that the others don’t – a self-rotating 16-inch stone, for perfect heating without manually turning.

It took me a long time to figure out how to turn the pizza without tearing it, so this is a game-changer. Oh, and it’s dual-fuel, so you can get that wood-fired taste or the quick burn of propane.

Popur – a Quantum Leap in Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Cats are great, cleaning the litter box is not. Let Popur do all the stinky work for you, with the X5. It’ll automatically rake all the waste out, then dump it in an odor-tight bin. Let that sink in for a minute.

No. More. Daily. Scooping. Yeah, that’s a big deal. Oh, and it doesn’t rotate like the other guys, so it’s safer for your cat.

Feiyu Qing Pro smart electric tripod head

Photographers that like to shoot time-lapse or use any sort of motion control know that most current setups are bulky. That’s not great, especially when you need to carry them to out-of-the-way places to get the shots you want.

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This electronic tripod head crowdfunding campaign from FeiyuTech is above all compact and portable. The handle even turns into a remote control, so you can set up your camera and then wander around while you shoot.

Dygma Defy

Want a keyboard that you can configure to your own ergonomics? The Dygma Defy splits the normal keyboard arrangement into two, so you can position them where your arms are most comfortable.

The halves even have standard mounting holes on the bottom, so you can mount them onto your chair’s arms or wherever you want. Oh, and it’s got RGB, and programmable keys, and useful thumb clusters, with hot-swappable switches. Phew.

amofit S wearable for sleep

We could all do with a little better sleep, so it’s great to see all the new sleep tech that’s coming out. The AMOfit S stimulates your vagus nerve, which brings a whole ton of benefits that aren’t just better sleep.

It also improves stress, anxiety, memory, creativity, and restores your internal balance. AMOfit says studies have been done that also show this type of stimulation can delay “significant effects related to aging.” Whew, sign me up.

SnapGrip Magnetic Snap-on Camera Grip+Battery for your phone

Smartphone cameras are great these days. Do you know what’s not? The way you must twist your fingers to tap the shutter on screen. This crowdfunding gadget from Snapgrip magnetically attaches to your smartphone, giving you all the tactile grip of a DSLR.

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That way, you can concentrate on the images you’re going to create, and not on if you are going to drop your phone. It also doubles as a power bank to wirelessly charge your phone. We love that.

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