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Facebook warns its employees to stop wearing company swag out in public after the Trump ban

We are truly living in one messed up timeline.

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According to The Information, Facebook’s management and security team sent a company-wide memo calling for employees not to wear company branded apparel in public. The memo doesn’t explicitly forbid Facebook employees from wearing company-branded gear out in the open. However, it sure sends a strong message of caution.

The reason why Facebook is concerned about the safety of its workforce is the recent ban of President Trump from Facebook following the violent coup in the US Capitol on January 6th. The memo doesn’t say that Facebook employees are at risk from a physical assault by pro-Trump supporters. However, it is not that difficult to read between its lines. 

The FBI also warned of upcoming protests from pro-Trump supporters that can be potentially violent. Trump’s supporters supposedly plant to protest in almost every US state. Furthermore, the FBI also warned that many protesters would be mostly armed. This can be an enormous risk of additional violence.

According to the Huffington Post, tens of thousands of armed protestors plan to protest in Washington. Supposedly, there is a plot to take over the Capitol and eliminate all the democrats while allowing the Republicans to seize control of the country. 

In light of Trump’s ban, Facebook and Twitter heavily scrutinized both platforms for their actions. Pro-Trump supporters criticized the platforms because they decided to ban Donald Trump. In contrast, other folks criticized Facebook’s idleness through the years in which Trump regularly spread fake news, racial slurs, threats, and even called for his followers to commit fraud. 

Even in his last video on Facebook, Trump falsely claimed that the elections were fraudulent.

At one point, the president threatened to start a nuclear war against North Korea if needed. Later he decided not to act on that, and instead, he decided to make a friend of Kim Jong Un. 

There is a consensus that banning Trump from social media was the right thing to do. But simultaneously, there is also a consensus that there wouldn’t be a Trump presidency without Twitter or Facebook.

UPDATE 1/21/2021 4:30 ET: Facebook plans on keeping Donald Trump’s ban in place indefinitely.

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