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Lovense app comes out for Apple Vision Pro

Lovense wants you to be able to get horny in the virtual world, with serious sexual teledildonics.

illustration of the lovense app floating in augmented reality
Image: Lovense

Apple Vision Pro is officially available to the populace, and with it comes a certain cynical response, as well as a slew of apps that will hopefully make it worth its insane starting price point.

One of the apps not mentioned in the list of available apps at launch is the Lovense app.

Lovense, if you don’t already know, is a sex tech company producing connected sex toys that can be controlled remotely through an app.

They make the products that coined the term teledildonics, creating virtual sexual encounters using real interactions no matter the distance.

Well, the next step is integrating with Apple’s spatial computing technology found in the Apple Vision Pro.

Sex-positive companies are often early adopters of tech

blurred screenshot of lovense app controlling a teledildonic device
Image: YouTube

Editor’s note: Just so you know, while we’ve linked the image above to the video showing the Lovense app being used in augmented reality, it’s age-gated on YouTube, so it is not suitable to watch at work.

Instead of pressing a button within the app, users will utilize the spatial computing of Apple Vision Pro to get their partner off.

Users can control Lovense toys with intuitive hand gestures, and you don’t have to stretch your imagination very far to figure those out.

“Thanks to spatial computing technology, in conjunction with the dedicated Lovense Remote app, users can fully experience the new mixed reality it brings,” Lovense CEO Dan Liu said in a press release. “This feature further enhances users’ immersion and interactive experiences when using Lovense toys. It’s a big step towards transforming how people experience long-distance intimacy, and Lovense will continue to innovate in creating more emotionally connected experiences for couples, regardless of the distance.”

The main difference between the Apple Vision Pro and other VR or mixed reality headsets is that it doesn’t have awkward controllers you have to hold.

Instead, cameras built into the headset track your hand movements and control gestures. Lovense developed customized gesture recognition commands, surely ones that the ham and mayonnaise suits at Apple didn’t see coming.

Making a grab-and-shake gesture, the classic jerk-off gesture, a tug-into-mouth gesture, or something more creative with your fingers will trigger real-time vibration frequencies received by the toys on the other end.

This creates a more immersive long-distance sexual encounter with a much higher price tag.

The Apple Vision Pro is not cheap. But one of the problems plaguing the ability of these headsets to find widespread adoption is their integration with the horny parts of our lives, whether that be porn or sex toys.

This is a massive step in creating a viable use for these headsets because every other app is boring as hell.

So if you have the cash and the horny resolve, the Lovense integration with Apple Vision Pro should create a whole new way to do sex stuff long distance.

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