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7 Google Workspace mistakes to stop doing so you save more time

These tips should help you use Google Workspace more efficiently and, in the long run, cut down your time to focus on other stuff.

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Typically, there’s no right or wrong way to use a Google Workspace. And yet, mistakes can happen that could slow down your performance or become a security concern.

Google update mistakes happen. Here are the seven mistakes Google users sometimes make and how you can avoid them moving forward. You’ll be happy to have them. 

What Google account is that? 

Just how many Google accounts do you have? If you’re like many, you probably have one for work and another for personal use. Throw in a school account or a gig job, and you’re up to at least three.

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When you have more than one Google account, it’s essential to ensure you’re using the correct one when using Slides, Chats, Docs, and any other Google Workspace tools. Otherwise, you might be saving files to the wrong location online with access to the wrong people. 

Speaking of Privacy

Being part of a Google Workspace means sharing documents with friends, colleagues, and the like is easy. And yet, be careful what you’re sharing.

Do you really want the entire organization peeping on your draft template? You know the one; it’s where you catch all your thoughts.

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Do your subordinates need easy access to personnel files? Of course not. Therefore, after making sure you’re in the correct Google Workspace, take it a step further and review the permissions on your most important documents. You can thank me later. 

Cluttered Workspace and Screens

Hoarding doesn’t just happen with physical objects.

A cluttered workspace is perhaps just as bad, and nothing puts a pin in productivity like trying to find that window that you just had open! Therefore, it’s best to keep your Google Workspace tidy.

Do so by keeping your documents organized and deleting the ones you no longer need. Or, at the minimum, create folders to separate the most important or current ones from everything else on your digital plate. 

Too Many Tabs Open At Once

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Being able to use Gmail and other Google Workspace tools within a browser has many advantages. But, unfortunately, it can also cause unnecessary headaches since you need to have a separate tab open for everything you’re doing.

For example, imagine working out of two documents while scanning a Slide template and reviewing an ROI calculator in Sheets while monitoring your Gmail account.

Eliminate this hassle with a quick, easy solution: download Kiwi for Gmail and suddenly become super productive.

Being Careless When Saving Docs

For optimum machine compatibility, make sure you’re saving files in formats that you’ll be able to open across your many devices.

After all, many of us now have a work computer, home computer, laptop, or whatever. Therefore, select PDF, DOCX, DOC, and more file formats. 

Add Some Silence to Your Life

Google Chat is a terrific tool until it begins disrupting your family time or downtime. Chat interruptions are incredibly annoying when you’re in the middle of dinner, at your child’s baseball game, or simply trying to relax.

Avoid distractions and find a better work/life balance by turning off Chat at critical moments throughout the day.

Not Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Finally, start using keyboard shortcuts in Google Workspace. Productivity tips and tricks aren’t hard to come by since most online and desktop-based apps have keyboard shortcuts built-in.

However, when you begin using them, you’ll notice how quickly it becomes to switch between docs and apps. 

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These tips should help you use Google Workspace more efficiently and, in the long run, cut down on the time you’re online to concentrate on other interests in your busy life.

And if you haven’t tried Google Workspace yet, try it here. It’s free for the first 14 days.

Editor’s Note: Amanda Marcotte is the VP of Growth and Marketing for Kiwi for Gmail. This desktop application enhances the features we love and depend on in Gmail and Google Workspace and separates them outside the browser. 

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