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Fallout 76 was so poorly received that Bethesda is now offering free games for those that played it

This is cool, I guess.

Fallout 76 character with jacket on
Image: Bethesda

Oh, Fallout 76. Such hype. Such letdown.

It’s safe to say that the game wasn’t what many gamers were expecting, with many requesting refunds and voicing their disdain over social media. Oh, and let’s not forget that whole canvas bag fiasco.

Now, to hopefully make some of those gamers a bit less mad about the whole situation, Bethesda will be offerings a couple free games to players who played the game, whether on console or PC, in 2018.

The free games Bethesda is offering

If you were expecting Fallout 4, I’m sorry, that’s not the case, but instead, Bethesda has stated that anyone that played the full game (not just the beta) in 2018 will receive the Fallout Classic Connection on PC “in early January.”

With the Fallout Classic Collection, you’ll get access to the original Fallout, plus Fallout Tactics and Fallout 2. Fallout and Fallout 2 are pretty straightforward RPGs with a more top-down view than modern titles, with Fallout Tactics being a turn-based, squad-based combat title.

Is it a good gesture? Yeah, sure, but will it make your general gamer happy with their purchase of Fallout 76? Probably not.

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