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Brighter displays for Galaxy S24 could bring Ultra HDR support

Get ready to view photos and videos in proper detail on your Samsung flagship.

Samsung galaxy s24 ultra render
Samsung Galaxy S24 render

During the Google I/O 2023, the Search Engine giant announced the new Ultra HDR for Android 14. It’s a feature that enables users to showcase captured HDR photos and videos on supported screens accurately. 

While the feature is great, Samsung users aren’t getting access to it, even with One UI 6. However, the latest rumor suggests the Korean company is working to incorporate the feature into the upcoming Galaxy S24 series

Apparently, all three devices in the Galaxy S24 series will get brighter Super AMOLED screens, making them perfect candidates for HDR photos and videos.

Multiple reports say the new panels will be capable of going up to 2,500 nits of brightness, which is a significant leap forward compared to the Galaxy S23’s brightness, which peaks at 1,750 nits.

Galaxy S24 could get Ultra HDR thanks to the brighter screens

The rumors seem to stem from renowned tipster Ice Universe, who stated on X, formerly Twitter, that Samsung is going to take advantage of the rumored increased brightness by giving the entire Galaxy S24 series Ultra HDR.

On Android smartphones, HDR photos or videos will go through the standard dynamic range or SDR before being saved. As a result, the images lose quite a bit of information, making them look degraded in comparison. 

However, Ultra HDR saved the captured files in the original 10-bit HDR format. So, the brightness, contrast, and color range all stay the same. There’s no degradation whatsoever. 

Samsung has already teased new camera tricks for the Galaxy S24. If this rumor turns out to be true, the Galaxy S24 series could become a thorn for the Pixel 8, which is expected to get the Android 14’s Ultra HDR as a default format.

You can check out the official Android 14 website if you want to know more about this feature. 

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