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Lenovo is rumored to be working on an Android-powered handheld console like the Switch

Just in time to compete against the OLED Switch and the Steam Deck.

lenovo legion handheld

With the increase in popularity of handheld gaming consoles, there’s a lot of new hardware on the way. Nintendo is about to release a new Switch OLED version this week and Valve is gearing up for the release of the Steam Deck in December.

Now it looks like Lenovo wants to join in on the hype and the company is rumored to be working on a handheld gaming console of its own.

Lenovo itself has yet to announce that it is working on anything as of yet, but a recent report from Liliputing points towards a device called the Lenovo Legion Play.

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Liliputting’s Brad Linder found images on both the Lenovo Germany and Lenovo Japan websites that show the Lenovo Legion Play in development.

The company was supposedly going to reveal the new handheld at this year’s Mobile World Congress, but that never happened.

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The Lenovo Legion Play is probably most easily compared to the new Nintendo Switch OLED, but the device still has some major differences. It features the same size 7″ screen, but this time with 1920×1080 resolution and no OLED screen.

The Legion Play will also utilize an Android operating system, different from both the Switch and Valve’s Steam Deck. It has a familiar controller layout, with buttons and a joystick on either side, similar to what we see in most modern video game controllers.

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With the Android operating system, it looks like the Lenovo Legion Play could be designed specifically for mobile games, but I’d like to offer a different theory.

The leaks say that the Legion Play is “designed for AAA gaming,” so I wonder if we could see the Legion Play focus on cloud gaming, with services like Xbox Cloud Gaming or Google Stadia.

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It’s unknown whether the Legion Play will have mobile network support or if it will rely on WiFi, but I think it would be interesting to see a device specifically designed to take advantage of cloud gaming.

With integrated controllers and a user experience completely optimized with gaming in mind, a device like this could do very well as cloud gaming becomes more and more popular.

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