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Motorola’s Razr folding phone is having a hard time, uh, folding

Or maybe unfolding, we can’t be sure.

closed motorola razr 2019
Image: Motorola

Okay, so with all the fuss around foldable devices lately, one burning question has been on the front of everyone’s minds. Just how durable is that hinge anyway? CNET just put the latest foldable through a stress test, and the success of the Motorola Razr might just hinge on the results.

See, apparently, the hinge isn’t very sturdy at all, acting up after only 27,000 folds.

CNET stress-tested the Motorola Razr’s hinge and the results aren’t pretty

Never one to miss an opportunity to test a device to destruction, CNET borrowed the Foldbot from SquareTrade to put the Motorola Razr through the wringer.

Originally created for the Galaxy Fold, the Foldbot was modified by SquareTrade to work with the Razr. Well, kind of work, as the robotic tool could only close the Razr part-way each time, probably showing that the Razr’s hinge mechanism is different from the Fold’s.

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Anyway, after nearly four hours of folding, the hinge on the Razr started to give up. The screen was still working though, so we should give Motorola some credit there.

  • The hinge on the Motorola Razr started to give out at 27,000 folds
  • Last year, the Samsung Galaxy Fold lasted almost 120,000 folds before it died

If all of the new Razr handsets behave the same, that means the average American would start having issues with the hinge at about one year of ownership. Realistically, it’ll be sooner than that, as tests like this aren’t able to simulate the usual dirt, fluff and other detritus that our pockets contain.

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