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Complete OnePlus 12 rear camera specs revealed ahead of launch

OnePlus 12 seems to have a mysterious 48MP third camera sensor.

A person is lying down holding OnePlus 12 with a triple camera, seemingly focused on the content displayed on the screen.
OnePlus 12 in white

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It seems OnePlus has completely taken over this week’s news cycle with the OnePlus 12. The company doesn’t seem anywhere close to stopping.

Earlier, the company confirmed the wireless charging support for the device and now has revealed the rear camera specs. 

We were already aware of the OnePlus 12’s new primary camera, the Sony’s 48MP LYT-808 sensor, a variation of the 48MP LYT-T808 sensor we witnessed on the OnePlus Open a month ago. 

We have already seen the OnePlus Open’s camera in action, so we don’t have a sliver of doubt that the new camera will be good.

The company also previously revealed a few snaps taken with the OnePlus 12’s new camera, which reaffirms our speculation. 

However, for some unknown reason, OnePlus felt it necessary to unveil the device’s entire rear camera specs before December 5’s official launch

A social media post from OnePlus, showcasing OnePlus 12 camera features like Sony's LYT-808 sensor, 6400W periscope lens, with an announcement scheduled for December 5.
Source: Weibo

The mysterious third camera’s spec on the OnePlus 12’s back revealed  

In addition to the primary Sony sensor, we also knew about the 64MP periscope zoom camera with a 1/2-inch sensor, f/2.6 aperture, and OIS, outputting 3x optically zoomed images.

However, the company has shared the details about the known third camera on the rear camera island, a 48MP shooter. 

This image features OnePlus 12 advertisement with a white device and camera lenses arrayed above it against a purple background with Chinese text and the OnePlus logo.
Source: Weibo

It’s a 13-channel multispectral color sensor that occupies the fourth camera cutout, though its advantage within the setup is unclear.

With that said, if you take a closer look, you will find the OnePlus 12’s camera setup very similar to the OnePlus Open, which is good.

The only difference comes down to the primary sensors. While both are Sony’s LYTIA sensors, one has a model number LYT-808, and the other has LYT-T808.

Nevertheless, the OnePlus Open has set the bar way high when it comes to camera performance. So we hope the company’s next flagship is ready to fill the shoes. Otherwise, it will be pretty disappointing.

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