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Both Oppo and Xiaomi just demoed under-screen selfie cameras

This is notch your father’s smartphone.

oppo under-screen selfie camera
Image: Oppo

It seems that the phone manufacturers never sleep, as both Oppo and Xiaomi just demoed a new way to hide the selfie camera – underneath the screen.

While these are still early prototypes, the technology looks promising – as long as a way to get the same image quality as uncovered cameras can be found.

Do we really need to hide the selfie camera?

With mobile phone manufacturers on the quest for true edge-to-edge screens, finding a space to fit the all-important selfie camera can be tricky. First, there was the notch, which had the unintended effect of giving your smartphone horns. Pop-up cameras of various types have also been tried, and other through-screen options.


Hiding the camera underneath the screen is a new development, and just look at how magnificent it is on this model from Oppo:

While there are scant details, Oppo’s VP Brian Shen also cautioned to not get overexcited: “At this stage, it’s difficult for under-display cameras to match the same results as normal cameras, there’s bound to be some loss in optical quality.”

Xiaomi’s turn

And here, from Xiaomi, where the camera module appears to have been placed underneath the OLED panel of the handset.

It seems that Xiaomi has figured out a way for the OLED panel of the screen to allow light to pass through. Back in November of last year, the company patented a similar system. Does that mean that Xiaomi’s under-screen camera is ready for the market?

Whenever the new under-screen tech makes it to market, it’ll be great to have an option that doesn’t either have an unsightly notch or use moving parts that introduce more potential failures.

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