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Tesla Apple CarPlay hack now works on any model

The Tesla Android Project allows owners to run both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on Tesla models.

tesla android project display
Image: Tesla Android Project

The Tesla Android Project developed by Michal Gapiński has released a much-needed update and several bug fixes that improve CarPlay integration with Teslas.

CarPlay provides a smarter and safer way to use your iPhone while driving. It allows you to call, message, play music, and get directions, among other things, using your car’s built-in display. 

But for years, Tesla electric cars lacked CarPlay support until earlier this year when Gapinski released the Alpha version of the Tesla Android Project.

Essentially, the Tesla Android Project is a hack that allows owners to run both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on Teslas.

What’s new or improved in the latest Tesla Android update?

With the latest update, Tesla Android’s setup and configuration have been simplified. Steps like obtaining a device identifier for Google services and switching CarPlay resolution have been eliminated.

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Tesla Android update

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As a result, CarPlay’s default resolution now perfectly matches that of Tesla Android. This eliminates content overlap in audio apps. Navigation sounds now work as well, provided the Tesla browser is active.

Once set up, Tesla Android will now behave normally in Drive or Reverse. This is because of its refactored display component which can produce a refresh rate of up to 60Hz.

CarPlay: Pixabay

The update also brings support for DRM video playback, Apple Music, A Better Route Planner, and Apple Maps. With Orientation Lock, third-party apps will now launch in landscape mode by default.

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The Aurora Store has replaced Google Play Store just as microG has replaced Google Play Services. The open-source app store, FDroid, has also been bundled in. 

Here’s a demo highlighting key updates in Tesla Android:

Gapiński’s solution uses a Raspberry Pi 4 as the main device for running Android, and a Raspberry Pi 3 or newer as a secondary device running Linux. 

It also uses an LTE modem or an out-of-the-box Raspbian compatible device with Wi-Fi access. A short Ethernet cable is used to connect both boards together. 

Instead of the iPhone or other iOS devices normally required to integrate with CarPlay, Tesla Android uses the in-car display or the steering wheel buttons to control playback and other functions.

CarPlay and Android Auto are both automotive OS for iOS and Android devices. With the latest update, you can enjoy Apple’s CarPlay to the max while staying in touch and staying connected as you drive.

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