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Where are all the Meta Quest 2 controllers?

If you need a replacement controller, they are out of stock everywhere.

meta quest 2 controllers greyed out
Image: KnowTechie

Meta might want to take over the metaverse, but that’s not going to happen with hardware shortages.

Ever since we did a how-to on where to get Meta Quest 2 controller replacements, they’ve been out of stock everywhere.

And we mean everywhere. Meta’s Quest Store doesn’t have any, Walmart doesn’t have any, and Target doesn’t have any… You get the picture.

Well, okay, you can technically get them on Amazon from overcharging third-party sellers, but we don’t recommend you do that. Meta Quest 2 controllers normally run $69 a pop.

But resellers are charging $200, so you might as well buy a full Quest 2 headset pack for $299.

meta quest 2 controller out of stock
Image: KnowTechie

UPDATE 7/20/2022 02:21 PM ET: The Meta Store now has both the left and right controllers in stock again.

image of delivery estimates for Meta Quest 2 controllers on puruple bacakground
Image: KnowTechie

The real question is, why? Why are there no Meta Quest 2 controllers to be found?

Meta just finished rebranding their headsets, removing all previous Oculus branding. But some branding was left behind and could be the cause of the stock issues.

The home button on the right controller still has the Oculus logo. It could be that Meta yanked all the replacement controllers, so they could swap out that button for the Meta logo.

Meta also recently upgraded the hand-tracking capabilities of Quest 2. If that gets even better, you might not need physical controllers in the future to play with the VR headset.

That doesn’t help you right now though if you need to replace a controller. Our advice? Make sure you tighten those wrist straps so you don’t get any accidentally-launched controllers.

Standalone Quest 2 controllers have been out of stock for at least three months now. It’s not like Meta doesn’t have them either, as the shelves are packed with Quest 2 headset bundles.

We’ve reached out to Meta for comment and will update this piece if/when we hear back.

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