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Elon Musk says an early version of Tesla’s full self-driving mode should arrive by the end of the year

Don’t rush this, Tesla.

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Elon Musk says a lot of things, but one recent statement that should get Tesla fans hyped is that the company’s much-anticipated full self-driving mode should be rolling out to select customers as early as the end of this year.

Well, at least an early version of it. Musk revealed this during Tesla’s quarterly earnings call on Tuesday.

Although this sounds like promising news, don’t get your hopes up just yet. Even Musk claims that the timeline “might be tight.”

“While it’s going to be tight, it still does appear that will be at least in limited in early access release of a feature complete self-driving feature this year,” he said on the call.

It’s obvious Tesla is making progress on the self-driving front. The company recently rolled out a Smart Summon feature which allows Tesla owners to hail their car from a parking lot autonomously (the car literally drives itself from its parking spot and picks you up).

Sure, the idea sounds great on paper, but things didn’t go as planned when it was released. It was so bad that even Consumer Reports slammed the feature as unreliable.

Either way, a full self-driving mode is coming to Tesla vehicles by the of this year in some shape or form. The only kicker is that Tesla owners will have to shell out $7,000 to get the FSD upgrade. A feature-complete full self-driving mode should arrive at “the end of next year.”

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