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Samsung’s Odyssey Ark is a massive 55-inch curved gaming monitor

You can use this insanely huge monitor in either landscape or portrait mode.

samsung curved monitor ces 2022
Image: Samsung

CES 2022 is in full swing and Samsung is taking advantage of the opportunity. The company has now revealed its largest-ever curved gaming monitor, the Samsung Odyssey Ark.

Engadget initially reported on the monitor earlier this week. The Odyssey Ark is Samsung’s largest curved monitor, a 55-inch behemoth that looks kind of insane sitting on a desk.

The monitor sits on an adjustable stand that you can use to swing the monitor around and display it in portrait mode. You can then set up the monitor as a multi-screen display, with several windows open at once. Check it out in action:

We’ve all become pretty familiar with large displays, and 55 inches doesn’t sound that crazy when you’re talking about a TV. But we generally sit a lot further away from our TVs, while the Odyssey Ark is made to go on your desk, right in front of your face.

As we’ve come to expect from Samsung, the monitor has some nice features that should lead to exceptional picture quality. It features a Quantum Dot Mini LED display to offer bright and accurate colors. Its massive size gives it the more normal 16:9 aspect ratio (as opposed to the wider ratio found in some curved monitors).

samsung curved monitor ces 2022
Image: Samsung

This monitor could be amazing for games like Forza Horizon 5 or Microsoft Flight Simulator. The wrap-around of the screen lets you see more of the world around you, making flying and driving much more immersive.

Samsung hasn’t released any pricing yet for the monitor. And it won’t be released in the US until at least the second half of 2022. I wonder which body part we’ll have to sell to get our hands on this monster.

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