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Tech Hangover: Apple has come to the rescue

Stepping up to the plate big time.

tech hangover tim cook
Image: KnowTechie

We get it, you have a life. There’s no way you can read all of the day’s news in one single shot, let alone visit every web page, which is why we’re here to help. Well, sort of.

There’s a ton of tech news we weren’t able to cover throughout the day (hey, give us a break, we’re a small independent outfit), so to help you stay up to speed with everything we didn’t get to, we rounded up some of the biggest stories, which should help you keep up to date. Hence the tech hangover. 

Here’s some tech news you probably missed out on today (and when we say you, we mean us, but also…you).

Tim Cook: Apple shipping custom face shields to medical workers as mask donations cross 20M

tim cook apple event gather round 2018

Image: Bloomberg via Getty Images

This is some really solid work from Apple. It’s good to see companies like this stepping up the plate in this time of need. We could really use more of this.

Tim Cook is back with another update on Apple’s ongoing efforts to help healthcare professionals amid the COVID-19 outbreak. In a new video posted to Twitter today, Cook said that Apple has now sourced over 20 million masks for healthcare workers, and it’s still pushing to do more. – 9to5Mac

Google Searches Can Help Us Find Emerging Covid-19 Outbreaks 

google search page

Image: Google

This makes a lot of sense. Find out where most of these searches are being performed, and boom, you have a great resource as to where cases are being missed and more.

Every day, millions of people around the world type their health symptoms into Google. We can use these searches to help detect unknown Covid-19 outbreaks, particularly in parts of the world with poor testing infrastructure. – NYT

Call for social media platforms to act on 5G mast conspiracy theory

5g coverage at&t

Image: Getty Images

Apparently a large number of folks out there think 5G is responsible for this current coronavirus epidemic. Now they’re turning to 5G towers and burning them down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The government is to hold talks with social media platforms after mobile phone masts in Birmingham, Merseyside and Belfast were set on fire amid a widely shared conspiracy theory linking 5G networks to the coronavirus pandemic. – The Guardian

PayPal and Venmo Are Letting SIM Swappers Hijack Accounts 

google and paypal integrations

Image: CoinDesk

Uhhh, this can’t be good.

Several major apps and websites, such as Paypal and Venmo have a flaw that lets hackers easily take over users’ accounts once they have taken control of the victim’s phone number. – Motherboard

And in just case you missed some of our stuff earlier, here’s what you may have missed:

Notable Mentions

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