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The best VPNs to unblock Netflix

Netflix is one of the most used media services in the world. With a better catalog in the US, outsiders must resort to VPNs – here are the best ones.

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Netflix is one of many content providers that blocks Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). In the past years, when trying to stream Netflix from a certain region, users sometimes get an error message that says “Whoops, something went wrong” with an “Unexpected error” beneath.

At first, users may think it is an issue with the internet connection when actually, it is Netflix blocking a VPN. This is done because some contents are regionally restricted in the areas that Netflix pays licensing for. Netflix has changed streaming by only allowing content to be accessed within the region it pays for.

VPNs, on the other hand, allow users to change their IP address, thus allowing them to access different locations to get content that was already released elsewhere. To help users choose a VPN for effortlessly streaming Netflix, an expert VPN reviews site,, have reviewed different VPNs and published their findings on the best VPNs for Netflix.

The study by Thebestvpn found that 47 of 67 VPNs were able to access Netflix in some form. Of those 47, eight of them were able to have full access from any server. Express VPN utilizes servers in Toronto, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. This VPN is ranked as one of the best for allowing users full access. They even have a Netflix page on their site to reference their reliability for users.

Nord VPN is another highly ranked VPN. Their site has a slogan that says, “Internet without borders”. They have access in the United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Of the 47 VPNs that gained network access without restriction, four of those VPNs were able to gain access into three servers. 14 VPNs accessed Netflix without restriction or errors from two tested servers. 20 tested VPNs were unfortunately blocked by Netflix.

These VPNs are there to make sure that users are on a secure and private network. It protects privacy, but also allows change of location so users can access content in varying regions. Because Netflix pays for content licensing by region, they would ultimately feel cheated when users access regionally restricted content from another part of the globe that would otherwise not be accessible without a VPN.

Netflix claims that they are well aware of users attempting to fool the system by using “unblockers”. Their company blog notes that they now offer service in 190 countries. They said they will still have to make progress before they can offer the same films and shows everywhere. But why? What is it about the streaming industry that limits access regionally?

Netflix says they anticipate to eventually provide users with the same content across the globe, but they just aren’t to that point yet. As Netflix explains their awareness of users that use proxies, they tell customers that they “employ the same or similar measure that other companies do”.

This basically means “because other companies block access outside of the server region, we do too”. They claim it only affects users that utilize proxies and that it really does not change anything for the users that do not. It comes down to an understanding of licensing and paying for said licensures. It will take diplomacy at the business and bureaucratic level to eventually have global streaming.

Internet access is global and that means it is a global issue for users and governments. It is not just Netflix streaming that users are looking to gain access through either. Users are also looking at surfing the internet in other countries. This allows them to see content that would otherwise be restricted to anyone that is not in the region. China recently put a ban on VPNs, but foreigners are able to go through a Chinese foreign service to purchase a VPN and gain access.

From Netflix streaming to finding out information in other regions, people do not want to be left out of any information as they feel they have the right to it. Any information that is blocked, they will uncover. Journalists, scientists, and researchers are the checks and balances between government and the people.

When it comes to a situation along the lines of VPNs, it will be hard for governments to restrict these. The more they restrict, the more entrepreneurs will create VPNs that reduce internet borders, making streaming accessible across the globe. As previously mentioned above, the tested VPNs that were able to make it into Netflix are some of the best to be purchased by users.

As technology continues to evolve, so will VPNs and regionally restricted content. This technology and internet streaming battle will continue to ensue until all content is made available regardless of region. Since streaming and internet are relatively new, it will be the responsibility of the government to regulate, not restrict network access. Until the time arrives of more internet laws, streamers will be able to still utilize the best VPNs to gain network access from any location.

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