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This tool lets you take Facebook off your Oculus Quest 2

A new tool called Oculess will help you detach from Facebook while you game.

oculus quest 2 headset
Image: Oculus

If you don’t like that your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset needs to be logged into Facebook to work, you’ll love this new tool.

Called ‘Oculess‘, the tool enables users to remove the Facebook requirement so they can keep using their headsets, sans Facebook.

Previously, you had to spend an extra $500 to get an enterprise version of the headset to get around the Facebook requirement.

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Basically, it works by logging you out of Facebook on the headset, while keeping it (mostly) usable. That also has the additional benefit of letting you use the headset when Facebook is down, like it was earlier this week.

To use the tool, you have to sideload it onto your Oculus Quest 2. That means making a developer account first, verifying your identity with a credit or debit card, and then connecting the headset to your Android phone or PC, to send the Oculess tool onto the storage inside the headset.

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The tool then unlinks the Facebook account on the headset, so it can work even if Facebook’s servers go down again.

You can also disable telemetry, which is data sent back to Facebook, and pause firmware updates so Facebook can’t push out a firmware that stops the tool from working.

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Be warned that this does break the Oculus Store, and any default Oculus apps like the Browser, because all of those require Facebook on the headset to work.

You’ll be able to use any sideloaded apps though, and a factory reset removes the tool so you can set the Oculus Quest 2 back up to use the official apps.

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