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The Samsung Odyssey Ark — 2022’s most anticipated monitor — could launch soon

This massive monitor packs a ton of features.

Samsung curved monitor ces 2022
Image: Samsung

UPDATE 8/16/2022 9:30 AM ET: Samsung has now opened up preorders of the Odyssey Ark, which will cost $3,499.99. Here’s how to preorder yours today.

Samsung’s highly-anticipated Odyssey Ark super-ultrawide monitor could launch as soon as August 2022, according to reports.

This monitor generated a lot of hype when the company announced it at CES 2022 in January. Will the Ark address issues with previous generation Odyssey monitors? Or will people find it too quirky?

Either way, it brings some new features to the table that makes it worth checking out.

A possible August release for Samsung’s latest luxury monitor

Samsung curved monitor ces 2022
Image: Samsung

Reports from late June 2022 indicate Samsung may be gearing up to launch the Odyssey Ark super-ultrawide monitor as soon as August. A Korean news site initially leaked the potential release date, which Samsung then announced.

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These leaks are on-par with Samsung’s original launch date estimates, which put the Ark’s release sometime in the second half of 2022.

Samsung’s super-ultrawide monitors have a history of getting attention. The Odyssey G9 and Odyssey Neo G9 from 2021 attracted good reviews and became the new crown jewel of immersive monitors.

These truly massive monitors featured 1000R curvature and an insane 1000 nits of brightness — although science shows you may not want to keep your screen brightness cranked up all the time.

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The G9 iterations weren’t perfect, though — the 32:9 aspect ratio made them slightly problematic with certain games and apps. Plus, the mini-LED backlighting on the Odyssey Neo G9 resulted in some image smearing issues many users found disappointing.

Hopefully, the Odyssey Ark will address these drawbacks.

What’s so special about the Odyssey Ark?

The Odyssey Ark already looks like a massive upgrade from Samsung’s previous super-ultrawide monitors.

It is even bigger than the G9 line-up — a 55-inch screen and 16:9 aspect ratio with true 4K. This is an essential upgrade from the G9 models since the 16:9 aspect ratio is more universally functional.

The most exciting feature of the Ark by far is the ability to rotate the whole monitor into portrait mode, making the ridiculously curved screen arc over your head. This isn’t just for looks, either.

In their CES demonstration, Samsung made it clear you can configure the monitor to maximize functionality in portrait mode. For example, you can stack multiple screens in the vertical display — a great feature for multitasking or gaming and streaming.

The Odyssey Ark also comes with a new-and-improved stand. The G9 monitors had a distinctly futuristic look, including a bulky stand and shiny white casing. The Ark swaps this out for a more minimalistic design — slim and matte black. Plus, the stand is height and tilt-adjustable, naturally facilitating the Ark’s iconic portrait mode.

The new monitor also has an LED light strip built into the bottom horizontal edge of the monitor. A wireless controller also comes with the Odyssey Ark, which you can use to control the monitor’s settings and RGB.

The new king of gaming monitors

If the Samsung Odyssey Ark can deliver on the impressive showing it made at CES, it could be one of the best monitors of the year. The company is clearly aiming it at gamers, although it would also make an incredible monitor for productivity applications.

Samsung has created a massive curved screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, delivering 4K resolution in both portrait and landscape mode. If the Ark does launch in August, it will be one of the year’s most exciting PC peripheral releases.

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