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Apple is supposedly working on a 20-inch foldable MacBook

Yes, we know all MacBooks technically fold but this one is all-screen.

concept renders of a foldable macbook in laptop and tablet modes

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A new report claims Apple is exploring an all-screen 20-inch foldable MacBook. That’s according to Ross Young, an analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), and he’s not often wrong.

Their latest report on the state of foldables and rollables shows that foldables are increasing in popularity. Foldable panel shipments for 2021 were up 207-percent year-on-year, showing the potential growth in the sector.

Maybe that’s why Young has Apple down as being interested in developing a 20-inch foldable. That would give it the ability to work like a MacBook, an iMac, or even an iPad.

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Imagine the productivity monster a device like this could be, especially when you consider the improvements Apple is making with its own silicon every year.

apple 20-inch foldable macbook concept
Image: LunaDisplay

According to the report, the large foldable could feature 4K resolution, or even higher. The bad news? You’ll have to wait at least five years for it to be ready for market – if it ever gets that far.

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On the subject of bad news, don’t expect any type of foldable from Apple soon. Apple is supposedly working on a foldable iPhone, but it has been delayed until 2025 or even later. That’s based on sources in the supply chain, which suggest Apple is in no hurry to join the market.

Still, the fact Apple is even considering a foldable MacBook or other devices means they feel the market will be there.

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Samsung still leads the category with 88-percent of sales in 2021, which might change as other manufacturers release their own devices.

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Oppo, Microsoft, Motorola, and Huawei all have existing foldables, and TCL and Xiaomi are bringing out devices shortly. Lenovo already has a foldable laptop. A foldable from Google is also in the works, with a potential 2022 release date.

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