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Sony’s PS VR2 cameras can map your room to help prevent injuries

And you can adjust your play area to perfection using the see-through display mode.

screenshot of sony's PS VR2 surrounding scanning feature
Image: KnowTechie

With Sony preparing to launch its new PlayStation VR2 early next year, the company has decided to share a first look at the device’s experience. Notably, the PS VR2 will include embedded front cameras that can be used to see your playing environment.

The company shared a blog post on its website earlier this week showcasing some of the PS VR2’s capabilities. Notably, one feature that caught our eye is the ability to scan your playing space to help avoid players bumping into things.

Here’s how it works: gamers will be able to press a button on their PS VR2 headset to quickly switch to a see-through view. That lets gamers glance at their available playing area without taking off their headset.

And you’ll also be able to use that embedded front camera to automatically map out the playing area in your room. Here’s what it looks like below:

The PS VR2 cameras will scan your room for its safe playing area. And you can then adjust it using the machine’s controllers. Once you’re finished scanning, the system will automatically remember your playing area.

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Sony says the system will issue a warning if you approach the boundary of your playing area. Meaning, that the days of stubbing your toes into furniture are long gone, hopefully.

image of the new pS vr2 room scanning feature
Image: Sony

Sony also shared some other features that will come with the device

The PS VR2 will have a broadcast feature that lets you record your gaming movements by setting up a PS5 HD camera. That could be a great option for those interested in streaming their VR gameplay.

Lastly, the company shared a bit about cinematic mode on PS VR2. In VR gaming mode, the headset will display 360-degree content at a resolution of 4000 x 2040 (2000 x 2040 for each eye).

You’ll also be able to use the headset in cinematic mode to watch TV and movies. And movie content will display at 1920×1080 resolution on what looks like a virtual cinema screen.

Sony has been teasing us with details of the PS VR2 for months now. And we’ll likely continue to hear more snippets leading up to the device’s release. So be sure to keep your ears out for PS VR2 news.

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