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Tech Hangover: Google’s founders are stepping down from Alphabet

Will anyone miss them?

google logo in old tv
Image: KnowTechie

We get it, you have a life. There’s no way you can read all of the day’s news in one single shot, let alone visit every web page, which is why we’re here to help. Well, sort of.

There’s a ton of tech news we weren’t able to cover throughout the day (hey, give us a break, we’re a small independent outfit), so to help you stay up to speed with everything we didn’t get to, we rounded up some of the biggest stories, which should help you keep up to date. Hence the tech hangover

Here’s some tech news you probably missed out on today (and when we say you, we mean us, but also…you).

Larry Page steps down as CEO of Alphabet, Sundar Pichai to take over

larry page

Image: YouTube

Alphabet CEO Larry Page announced Tuesday that he will step down from the position. Google CEO Sundar Pichai will take over as CEO of the parent company in addition to his current role. – CNBC

Fired Google Organizers Accuse Tech Giant of Acting Unlawfully

google signage

Image: Aly Song / Reuters

A rash and highly publicized personnel decision has put Google in the crosshairs of its own workers—and soon, the National Labor Relations Board, which may well find the company broke the law. – Gizmodo

Chinese scientists are using DNA samples to recreate faces

promobot robot face and torso

Image: Promobot

In totally normal news…..

Chinese scientists are reconstructing human faces using seized DNA, according to an investigation by the New York Times. The research comes after they harvested blood samples from Muslims being held in some of the nation’s “brainwashing” prison camps. – NYPost

How Ring Went From ‘Shark Tank’ Reject to America’s Scariest Surveillance Company

ring doorbell with police in background

Image: KnowTechie

Good read.

Amazon’s Ring started from humble roots as a smart doorbell company called “DoorBot.” Now it’s surveilling the suburbs and partnering with police. – Motherboard

Ring reportedly outed camera owners to police with a heat map

ring heat map cops

Image: CNET

Ready for some more totally normal news?

Amazon-owned home surveillance company Ring gave law enforcement a heat map that let police see all devices installed in an area, allowing them to view users down to the street level, according to a new report from CNET.

The ‘Amazon effect’ is flooding a struggling recycling system with cardboard

amazon delivery boxes stacked on a porch

Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

Humans truly don’t deserve this planet.

This holiday season, the popularity of online shopping collides with upheaval in cardboard recycling. China’s 2017 decision to turn away America’s trash has left the recycling industry reeling as it figures out what to do with all the packaging online shoppers leave behind. – The Verge

FBI Asked Sony for Data on User Who Allegedly Used PlayStation Network to Sell Cocaine

I don’t know what I’m more mad at. Someone selling coke on PSN or the cops asking Sony for data. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In October, the FBI applied for a search warrant compelling Sony to provide data on a PlayStation 4 user who was allegedly part of a cocaine distribution network, according to court records reviewed by Motherboard. The application even asks for what games the alleged drug dealer played, and his progress in them. – Motherboard

And in just case you missed some of our stuff earlier, here’s what you may have missed:

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